The goal of this project was to design and typeset a book which combines two different texts while experimenting with the relationships between typographic form and verbal meaning. Details that were paid careful attention to were line spacing, page proportion, details of lettering and overall visual harmony.
 The concept for this project was to portray how others tend to try to patch up mental illness with simple phrases that actually harm instead of help. The main voice comes from the slam poem “Explaining Depression To My Mother: A Conversation” by Sabrina Benaim. The second voice is stickers with phrases like “It’s all in your head”. In the beginning of the book, stickers are slapped onto the page to represent the phrases covering up someone’s struggle with mental illness. In the back of the book is a sticker sheet holding more phrases. The meaning behind this is to ask the viewer, would you take the stickers and cover the voice in the book and furthermore do this in real life?
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